For attorneys involved in litigation related to permanent physical loss, we provide comprehensive support for such litigation.  Our prosthetists can help your client regain his or her activies of daily living, and help you, the attorney, build the best case for your client's current and future prosthetic care.

Prosthetic Care for your Client

Our prosthetists treat your client with attention and respect.  We will evaluate their resdiual limb and address their physical issues, discuss their short term and long term goals, and coordinate with their medical and therapy teams.   After careful consideration and evaluation, our prosthetists will recommend a specific prosthetis, and support that recommendation with data reflecting the need for that level of prosthetis.  This custome made prosthesis will be cast and modified to optimize its fit and function.  Once the custom prosthetis is fit, our staff will educate your client and the therapeutic team about its usage.  

Litigation Support and Expertise

Our prosthetists can also conduct independent prosthetic evaluations and generate lifetime cost estimates for prosthetic care.  Our expert conclusions are supported by our experience, our data, and our thorough evaluation of your client's interests, lifestyle, and current and future needs.

Insurance Adjustors

Negotiating claims involving permanent physical loss can be challenging.  Clients suffer physical and mental anguish as they adjust to their loss.  Insurance adjustors want to help these clients with their loss, and also find cost effective solutions for their employer.  Prosthetic Innovations can help both clients and adjustors reach the best possible outcomes in these challenging situations.

Prosthetic Innovations works with each client, to make sure that the fit, the components, and the therapeutic support works well for each client.   Custom Fit and function are the cornerstone of each individual's prosthetic plan.  When quality outcomes for each client are acheived, overall costs are reduced, as prosthetic wearing becomes more regular and clients return to their activities of daily living.  (Medicare study showing that properly fit prosthtics reduce overall health insurance costs for amputees.  

We allow our clients to trial different prosthetic components, and we track outcomes to show use and efficiency of that particular componentry.

Prosthetic Innovations understands that outcomes are important.  We collect data before befroe beginning our evaluation, during fit and delivery, and after delivery to measure the impact of the prosthetic limb on our client's activity level.  We also collect data from all of our clients, using it to measure outcomes, using that information to find what works best for claimants, what offers better function for activities of daily living.  

Nurse Case Managers

For nurse case managers working with clients who have suffered permanent limb loss, we coordinate and navigate the medical, therapeutic and prosthetic treatments for your client.  Let Prosthetic Innovations partner with you to provide the best outcome for your client's prosthetic care.

We offer coordination of prosthetic related services - we work with physical therapists, pain managment and rehabilitation doctors, and occupational therapists to help your client gain full use of the prosthesis.   We communicate with each team to make sure all parties are working towards your client's goals.  This continuity of care builds confidence for your client, as he or she hears a consistent message reinforced by the prosthetic team, the medical team and the therapy team.  Your client understand how to use their prosthesis and is able to optimize it.